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Many processing plants are finding that USDA inspectors insist that they install Double D Mats
— The National Provisioner

Our Story

Here is where you can find out more about why we do what we do: Dale and Dena’s story, our first products, our values, and who we are.

double d cattle mat

See a problem. Find a solution using the materials we have on hand. That’s how Dale created the first Cattle Mat and how we continue to approach product development.

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In The Field

Seeing is believing and we are more than happy to show our products in action, how they work, where they are suited best, and how you can take care of your new investment.

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We are always learning and striving to take that knowledge to the floor where we build our products. Here you can read about our most recent product releases, questions you might have, new social media posts and all that keeps us busy when we are not making mats.


our mission:

Our products ensure that customers can reduce their environmental impact while also protecting livestock and the land on which we live.