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That’s a Good Question


Do you custom build for any size?

Yes, we can make any size or shape. Contact us with exact measurements or an architectural drawing of your space.


Will you measure my space for me?

Yes, we can come to any facility upon request. The charges are $300 for visit within a 150 mile radius of our facility and $.50 per mile both ways after that.


How do you move the mats around? Do they have handles?

We can add chain handles to any Double D Mat by request. If your mat does not have handles you can use hay hooks to help move it around. You can purchase chains and Mat Hooks in our online store.



Are the mats too heavy to lift?

To keep the weight down in larger spaces we recommend ordering two mats rather than one. If the mats are still too heavy you can use a bobcat or loader to lift. The Double D Cattle Mats are five-and-a-half pounds per square foot. The Baler Belt Mats are four pounds per square foot.


How often do my mats need to be cleaned?

It’s a personal preference; in our feedlot we clean ours about once a month. However, if the mats are outside they don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as the weather keeps material from accumulating.


Can we fasten the mats to concrete?

Yes, we can insert a 3/8-inch thick flat metal bar that can be screwed into the concrete. Order one here.



Do you have standard sizes?

Yes, standard sizes are available for purchase in our online store. Most standard sizes are available for shipping immediately.


Will you deliver and install the mats?

Yes, we can do this for an hourly rate plus freight expense depending on the amount of mats and mileage. Contact us for a quote.


Do the Mats move around?

If the cattle come out of the chute and turn right away the mat may move a little. If this happens we can make you a larger, heavier mat, or you can fasten the corner of the mat to a post, fence or the chute.



Do you make round mats for tubs and curved mats for snakes?

Yes, we can make them any size or shape.


Do you make mats to cover a bud box?

Absolutely, we have found that you might need to fasten these mats to concrete in the bud box.


Can you ship the mats anywhere?

Yes, we can ship Double D Mats anywhere in the world. To-date we have shipped in the continental United States and to Hawaii, Canada, and Australia.



How do you measure for the mats?

Read our Handy Measurement Guide to find out how to measure your facility for custom matting.