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Dale Goetz, a third generation feedlot owner/operator found that he, like many other farmers, was losing time, profits, and cattle to the ineffective anti-slip solutions of old.

He set out to create a product that would provide stability and comfort for cattle in the processing area while also reducing the number of losses due to cattle slipping and, thus, the woven Double D Cattle Mat was born.


The cost of injury more than justifies the price of a Double D Mat that will last for years.
— Drovers


A Simple Solution.

With the help of some old tires, Dale was able to create a weaving method from the top most section of the tires that is not only durable, but incredibly flexible and able to stay functional in any weather condition.

Today, we provide much more than our original product yet our aim remains the same: to better the conditions of your cattle and of your farm, to provide comfort, to increase productivity, and to create a less stressful environment for all.

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Image of used Double D woven Cattle Mat by Custer Creative of Hays Kansas

What we Value

Texture image of stacked tires by Custer Creative of Hays Kansas

Our Goal is a simple one.

Beef cattle are a part of our identity. Dale Goetz grew up in the feedlot industry and he maintains a backgrounding lot and cow/calf operation on our family farm to this day. In fact, our office and tire processing facility are still located on that same farm—where Dale’s father was born.

What we value is what keeps our family business on a path of growth: consistent support for those that we learned from and for those for whom we are setting an example.



our values


Vector icon of a cow head by Custer Creative of Hays Kansas


We exist to support and sustain the way of life for beef producers. The Beef Industry is the backbone of what makes our operation possible and with the utmost care we strive to continue the tradition.

Vector icon of a cow hoof with one side replaced by a leaf by Custer Creative of Hays Kansas


We take seriously our commitment to help our customers and Kansas neighbors protect the land on which they live, making it fruitful for future generations.

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Imagination is crucial to help us convert scrap tires and rubber into functional products, and while it is not your everyday job, we take pride in each new innovation.


Meet our Family


Dale Goetz

Creator & Truck Driver

Creator of the original Cattle Mat and expert at giving rides in the tractor, Dale makes sure all custom mat creations never fail you.


Dena Goetz

Heart & Soul of the Operation

If it weren’t for her side hustle creating door mats from tire sidewalls, Dale would not have had a pile of tire treads on his farm. Involved in every aspect of the business, she is now the big idea woman and Mom/Nana/Wife to our growing family.


Mandy Goetz

Customer Service & Product Development

Skilled in answering the phone when she’s not on the road for business, Mandy is the one who makes sure your experience with Double D is top-notch.


Amber Hutchison

Operations & Finance

Expert at taking names and kicking butt, Amber completes the things you never know about until they don’t work. She’s also pretty good at driving a tractor when she’s not in the office.


Christin Merwald

Marketing & Sales

Christin finds the best way to raise awareness about our products and is an amazing hotdog cutter for her little ones. She makes sure you are in the know at all times.


Our Support Staff

Production and Quality Control

The ones that often go unnoticed but deserve a huge thank you all the same. These guys, Bryan, Dathan, Jaime, Landon, Tom, and Tyson, make our products what they are.


Thank you


From the bottom of our hearts

Here is a sample of cattle producers and companies who have trusted us with the well being of their cattle and livelihoods. Without each and every one of you we would have never made it to where we are today.



Contact Us

At Double D Mats we love to hear your stories, thoughts, comments, questions, and reviews of what we do. Please reach out and give us a call at 1-888-377-2879 or submit below and let’s get a conversation started.

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Where you can find us

6606 E ROAD 100S
PARK, KS 67751

Google gets a bit confused by our rural location, so always call for directions before you head our way!


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